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Wild Flower

Mission: Convert a house in close proximity to family to a comfortable and inviting home.

When our fun-spirited client relocated to East Tennessee, she desired to be close to her immediate family and have a space of her own. With the supply of homes in short supply, the focus became converting a nearby house into a welcoming and comfortable home. In addition to the master bathroom, our team renovated over 1,600 square feet of living space including the kitchen, family room, secondary bathroom, bedrooms, and outdoor living area. We took down partition walls, re-routed plumbing in the existing slab, converted doorways to windows and windows to doorways, framed out a new fireplace, among numerous other tasks. At the finish line, we could not be happier with how the space came alive and checked off all the boxes for our client.


The construction process can be different.  While the final destination should be aesthetically pleasing, the journey is just as important.   We are eager to hear your story!

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