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Mission: Build out a 2,200 square foot basement and create a sprawling entertainment area.

Our clients had recently purchased their East Tennessee home and with it came with an unfinished 2,200 square foot basement brimming with opportunity. Over a period of weeks, we worked through plans for mechanical (plumibing, hvac, and electric), framing (new room configuration), and selections (finishing materials) to unlock the true potentail of the space.

At the project conclusion, we added a new full bath, a bedroom/office space, a workout room, an entertaining aree with wet bar, a hobby room, and a grand staircase leading to the space.

Now our clients have a beuatiful space to entertain, house out of town guests, and fill with memories in the years to come.


The construction process can be different.  While the final destination should be aesthetically pleasing, the journey is just as important.   We are eager to hear your story!

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