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Mountain Majestic

Mission: Develop a stunning modern contemporary home high in the mountains.

Our clients weclome guests from all over the world in their vacation rental portfolio. When it was time to develop their most recent project, we partnered to build a stunning modern-contemporary home with exquisite views of the surrounding peaks.

To date, we have prepared the site, excavated, poured footers, laid block for the foundation, framed the home, installed windows, built a deck, roughed in all mechanical, and insulated the home. Recently we were excited to install the garage doors that offer views and can easily be rolled back on cool fall or warm spring days to bring the outside in! Check back as we continue to make progress on this beautiful home.


The construction process can be different.  While the final destination should be aesthetically pleasing, the journey is just as important.   We are eager to hear your story!

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