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Mission: Balance the nostalgia of a childhood home while laying the foundation for a new generation of memories.

When our superb client acquired her childhood home, she was committed to honoring the past. At the same time, she was eager to instill a new vision of a space where memories could continue to be built for years to come.

The kitchen area restricted flow with a large partition wall separating the family room. In addition, a bulky soffit shrunk the vertical space leaving the kitchen feeling cramped. After meticulous planning with our partner, Restoration Interiors, a concept emerged that had an array of features our client loved.

Fast forward a few months, and the kitchen was now equipped with a large open peninsula, wall niche, mixed color/stain cabinetry, an open concept to the family room, beautiful tile backsplash, and plumbing/lighting fixtures that sizzle!

In the end, every generation represented within our client's family loved the new heart of the home. It was a privilege to participate on this project, and we could not be more pleased with the stunning evolution.


The construction process can be different.  While the final destination should be aesthetically pleasing, the journey is just as important.   We are eager to hear your story!

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