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Being part of larger vision is a central tenant of our organization.  Each year, we strive to serve our clients as well as the broader community.  Below are a few of our recent contributions. 

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Atlas Free

Members of our BlueWing team recently completed a 25 mile hike to raise awareness and funding for Atlas Free.      

Atlas Free is a 501(c)3 organization working with partners across the world to eradicate human trafficking.  To date, they have helped lift thousands out of the bounds of slavery and are fighting for a world where every human can be free.  In 2021 alone, they expanded to 29 countries with over 280 programs aimed to serve 220,000+ victims.  


During August and September, we were able to raise $7,400 for this worthwhile cause.  

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Maryville City Little League

Three men at a baseball field

A local Little League was in need of new scorer's stands for the 2022 Spring season.  We were grateful for the opportunity lend a helping hand as we spent two days helping construct these structure just in time for the start of the season.   Everyone was a winner with this opportunity and we hope the league's players were busy all season long putting runs on the scoreboard!


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