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Selections: Delta, Quartz, and Porcelain - Oh My!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

You've decided to renovate your home. Congrats! This is a big undertaking, yet also an exciting one. You get to pick out all the shiny new decorations, appliances, furniture, and finishing touches. But with so much to consider, remodeling your home can quickly become daunting.

At BlueWing Homes, Jenna Estep serves as our planning phase coordinator. Jenna explains, “My role in the in the selection phase is to ensure that our clients have a great experience choosing their finishing materials for their space. I support by connecting our clients to the best vendors for the products they need.” She continues, “Once they make those selections, usually with a designer, they pass those selections to me and I ensure we have the correct quantities, discounts where applicable, and timely ordering. It's a service that takes the details off the clients' plate so they can focus on larger priorities with their project.”

Choosing a remodeler that has people and processes in place during the selection portion of the project creates a more harmonious client experience. Below are additional pro tips from Jenna to help your project run even smoother.

Find a Designer

Before entering the selection phase, Jenna advises, “Partner with a designer when possible. We work with a lot of talented designers, and they can take your space the extra mile with details that tie everything together beautifully. With support from a designer and my service in the ordering phase, we hope to make the client feel peaceful and well taken care of during the renovation process.”

Designers helps are skilled at providing clear foresight and intent of the outcome. In addition, they handle much of the demanding work, while clients just need a guiding vision and a style. Partnering with a designer also moves the project along much more efficiently than trying to do it all yourself. “When clients work with a designer the selection process is fairly quick. Our designers are really talented at bringing a vision to life during the initial meeting with our clients. From there we are off to the races” Jenna shares.

Keep Style in Mind

While you are working to get all of your materials chosen, it is important to work with material vendors that fit your taste. “At BlueWing, we love working locally with vendors in our community, but I encourage clients to look anywhere to find the pieces that bring them the most joy,” Jenna states. Be sure to view vendor websites and selections so you have an idea if they fit your style. Colors, textures, simplicity and uniqueness are all style traits to look out for when considering if a material vendor will mesh with your desired outcome for a project.

Be Budget Focused

Having a clear-cut budget in mind is another key to selecting a material vendor. Most vendors will have a website with items listed by price. Check out the pricing details for the items that you are interested in ordering, and make sure they align with your budget.

Outside of the initial scope of work, selections are the component of the project that impact the budget the most. Make sure you have a good idea of what your budget is before entering the selection phase of the project to ensure you stay on track.

Prioritize Lead Times

Lead times serve as a central character in a selection story. As the Planning Phase Coordinator for us at BlueWing, Jenna has a solid understanding of the materials that typically take longer than others. “One big consideration in the remodeling and new home build process to consider are lead times. We see the longest lead times on windows, doors, appliances, and cabinetry. I work with clients to prioritize those first,” Jenna states. With that in mind, stay aware of how long materials will take to arrive, and plan accordingly!

When it comes to finishing materials for your home remodel or new home build, it is important to consider your designers, style, budget, and availability. While it may seem like a maze to navigate, having the right team in place to guide you is essential.

If you are ready to discuss your remodel, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us HERE.

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