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Four Essentials Before Your Home Remodel

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Considering a remodel for an outdated bathroom or kitchen? The 80’s were great, but you don’t have to hold onto that jacuzzi tub forever. Or perhaps you are looking to turn your unusable basement space into a cozy getaway. A getaway from the kids!

Whatever kind of project you are planning, it is important to be aware of these four essentials before you start your remodeling journey.

1) Define your Vision

Be prepared to offer suggestions and vision for your space. It’s not easy to choose sometimes, especially when asking the age-old question, “Will my dog like the color of the new walls?” Gather up some inspiration photos online and share them with your contractor to use as a launchpad for your perfect space. Not only will those working on your home have a clear goal to accomplish, but you and your dog will be happier with the result knowing that a lot of the choices made were personalized!

2) Have a Clear Budget

Channel your inner Dave Ramsey. Through the excitement of renovating your house, it can be difficult to remember to stick to a budget. However, preparing a budget for your home remodel is a key factor in the process, as it will give both you and your contractor a clear vision of the scope of work. Even if you are Einstein and can do complex math equations in your head, you should still have a list written down with costs associated to each detail of work you want done. This will keep both you and your contractor organized. When determining your budget, it is crucial to keep in mind your expectations.

Remember that after establishing a budget, that number is subject to fluctuate up and down with change orders, allowances, and unexpected issues. It is always recommended to go into a project with a 10-15% pad. Whoever you relate to most: Dave Ramsey, Einstein, or just YOU–get on the right track to a dream remodel with a clear budget at the start!

And please, don't be like this guy:

3) Expect the Unexpected

There are several factors outside of the remodel work itself that may slow down your project. Since the outset of the Pandemic, there have been issues with material shortages and delays. As much as we’d like them to be, contractors aren’t fortune tellers. The closest they usually come to a crystal ball is when installing modern day chandeliers. In this sense, delayed materials are an unforeseen circumstance out of your contractors’ control. Be prepared for this before beginning your remodel. Weather is another factor that can easily slow a construction project down. Rainy days will likely delay exterior work from being done, though they will not have much impact on interior rooms of the house. Although it is the goal that nothing goes wrong during the remodel, it is best to expect a few obstacles—delays being one most should expect. !

4) Choose Where to Stay

There are several different phases throughout the remodel process, one of them being demolition. This process can be very noisy, messy, and leave your demoed room virtually unusable for weeks at a time. If you only have one bathroom and it’s being re-done, this could lead to a serious struggle. In other words, you may want to prepare a different place to stay. While many families choose to remain in home throughout their remodel, having a back-up plan is always recommended.

If you do plan to stay at home, some noisiness and inability to utilize the workspace are to be expected. If you have any close friends or family that you can live with for a few weeks, this could be a great option. There are also extended stay hotels and AirBnB’s that offer hefty discounts to individuals booking stays for over a month. This is a better option if you’re like me and don’t want to bombard another household with your constant midnight snacking. Renting or borrowing a camper and placing it in the driveway is another common practice. It is helpful to remember that there are plenty of accommodations out there when undergoing a home remodel!

Whether you have considered all of these already or you are just beginning to dream about your remodel, we would love to hear your story. Click HERE so we can connect!

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