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Geek or Chic? Top 2023 Bathroom Trends

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Did you know that, on average, we spend about two YEARS in the bathroom over the span of our lives? Considering that astounding statistic, refreshing your bathroom space with a remodel could make those two years some of the best moments of your life. Check out these 2023-bathroom trends that will be sure to spruce up your space and make the bathroom the best room in the house for years to come.

Geometric Tile

Tile trends have been around for a while, but popular tile patterns are changing. In 2023, you’ll start seeing a lot more bathrooms with geometric tiles. Triangular, hexagonal, and cubed tiles are all becoming trendier. Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember high school geometry to love these tiles. Geometric tiles add great depth within a room that could otherwise feel very one-dimensional.

Tile also looks very sleek and is super easy to clean, so it is ideal for bathroom floors and showers. Geometric tile is a strong choice for a modern look and good functionality, as it's not prone to water damage or staining. If you want a more innovative and “Instagramable” bathroom, consider installing geometric tile!

Earth Tones

One of the more common trends throughout the whole house for 2023 is the use of earthy colors. Darker shades of green, blue, beige, and brown are all being used to keep spaces looking modern, but still homey. Expect to see less of the minimalist white-and-black only bathroom as more catch on to this earthy trend.

So, what better way to update your bathroom than with a new color palate? It’s a relatively cheap way to improve your bathroom and make it look how you want. It can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint or installing an earth tone vanity to create a more calming and warm bathroom space. Who said bathrooms can’t be colorful?

Glass Shower Doors

Another way of modernizing your bathroom space for 2023 is swapping out those shower curtains for glass doors. If you have a smaller bathroom space you’re looking to update, a glass shower door could be especially functional for you. Reflective and shiny surfaces are ideal for small spaces, because they tend to make the room look a lot bigger than it is. Even better, if you hear a noise when you’re home alone, you won’t ever have to check behind the shower curtain just to be safe again. Less claustrophobia and more peace of mind. Glass shower doors, you do it all.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are a bathroom trend that have been gaining a lot more popularity in the last couple of years. These kind of tubs are unique and make a real statement in the bathroom. A perfect place to add some bubbles and forgot about your troubles. But beware, installing such a luxury may add a year to your overall time spent in the bathroom through the course of your life. Prepare for time to become obsolete the second you get in it.


While certain eras were known for over-the-top decoration (shoutout to the 70’s) modern décor is much more dialed back. Simplicity is becoming even more popular and will surely be one of the biggest trends in 2023 bathrooms. Simple shapes, clean designs, matching colors, and functional organization are all helpful interior design tips that can leave your space feeling less cluttered. One way of adding more functional simplicity to your bathroom is by adding a shower niche. A niche, an indented portion of your shower, is a simple yet effective way to keep your self care essentials organized.

Bathrooms should be celebrated. Cherished, really. After all, they are a place designed for comfort and privacy. Feel like a true king or queen when you use the porcelain throne by following these remodeling tips. If you are reimagining what your bathroom can be, we would love to learn more - you can connect with us HERE.

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