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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

There's something magical—borderline life-changing—about going to the spa. From the moment you walk through the door, you're hit with an aroma you can't put your finger on and transported to a calm, soothing oasis. Everything, from the steam showers and warm towels and robes to the calming music, soothes your senses.

Though a daily massage is likely out of the question, if you're already upgrading your bathroom, some add-ons might be worth the splurge to recreate this luxurious experience at home. From specialized toilet seats to ambient lighting and more, here are a few bathroom renovation ideas that will turn your space into a spa, according to interior designers—they're always worth the splurge, they say.

Oversized Steam Shower and Rain Shower Head

Most homeowners consider upgraded tiling or a new storage design with their shower space. If relaxation is what you're seeking, steam showers should also be on your list of add-ons. After all, stepping into a steam room is one of the easiest ways to mimic the elevated experience of a full-service spa.

On top of that, consider changing your current shower head to a rain shower with a handheld facet, so you can create a full-body shower experience with water coming in two directions.

High-Quality Tile

Renovating your bathroom is no doubt a process. If you are trying to decide between an mid-grade and high-end tile, always opt for quality, assuming it matches your budget. After all, the bathroom is the most commonly used place in your home. Choose quality!

Lighting, Lighting, and Lighting

During your next spa massage, pay attention to the lighting. It's so soothing, isn't it? Your bathroom lights' warmth and dimness are a little luxury that makes a significant difference.

Relaxing Soaking Tub

A spa-inspired bathroom isn't complete without an excellent soaking tub. Choose wisely and ALWAYS sit in the tub before purchase.

Ample Storage

Now, when you think of spa-like quality, you may not always think of storage. But a clean and tidy space is essential to relaxation.

Current trends include tower cabinets which rest on top of the countertops, wall niches inset behind a tub, and shower niches hidden behind a knee wall.

If you are considering your dream bathroom renovation, we would love to hear about your project. Go HERE to connect.

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