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Bathroom Remodel Best Practices | Farragut, Tennessee

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

If you’re undergoing a bathroom remodel, it’s wise to plan. Our goal is to assist you with remodeling tips, tricks, and guides. Our portfolio has grown, and with that, our experience has too. So, we have decided to break down some of the most memorable projects that we have worked on, in a series called Portfolio Highlights. Use this to help you plan your remodel, inspire your selection choices, or learn a few things. We will take a look at the project’s backstory, the scope of work, selection prices, and challenges, as well as what we learned from this bathroom remodel project in Farragut, Tennessee.

Project Backstory

This client was in need of an additional bathroom in their home to assist a family member with aging in place. Their desire was to forgo their existing master bath since it was on the main level of the home. In turn, they decided to convert a dated basement bathroom into a second master bath retreat. They prioritized spaciousness, functionality, and an overall more enjoyable and relaxing experience in the bathroom. New finishing selections rejuvenated this space back to life the way that the homeowners had dreamed of! We were proud to give them the comfort that they deserve.

Scope of Work

We estimated 8 weeks to finish the project. There were a number of trades involved to make this bath remodel complete. We partner with the best trades in Farragut, Tennessee including electricians, plumbers, sheetrock labor, painting, flooring, tile, and glass. Each of our trade partners made this bathroom possible! Our scope of work for this bathroom area broke down into these sections:

  • Demo and haul off the existing bathroom

  • Move electric for the new layout

  • Move plumbing for the new layout

  • Install sheetrock, mud, and sand

  • Skim coat ceiling

  • Prepare the sub-floor for new flooring

  • Shower construction and water-proofing

  • Install (2) niches

  • Install a bench in the shower

  • Paint ceilings, walls, and trim

  • Install new tile flooring

  • Install beadboard trim

  • Install shower tile

  • Install shower faucet

  • Install glass door for shower

  • Install vanity, sink, and faucet

  • Install mirror

  • Install vanity light

  • Install base trim

  • Re-Install toilet

  • Install an exhaust fan and route to exterior

Key Selections | Budget

In this section, we will break down selection items and the associated budget.

As we are purchasing selections for clients as part of a bathroom remodel, it’s always important to keep their budget in mind. There is a wide variety of products available, and each choice can swing the total price of the project up or down. Allowances in this space included the following:

Bathroom Remodeling Best Practices

Before and After | Photos

Bathroom Remodeling Best Practices

Bathroom Remodel - Farragut, Tennessee 3

Bathroom Remodel - Farragut, Tennessee 2

Bathroom Remodel - Farragut, Tennessee 1

Challenges We Faced

This bathroom remodel project presented some challenges since it was located in an older house in Farragut. We were also working with a small but might space - approximately 40 square feet. The goal for the homeowner was to gain a larger shower through the bathroom remodel. It was discovered that this home still had old cast iron plumbing, which added to the challenge. In order to move the shower or to make it bigger, we had to cut concrete and relocate the pipes. It was really important to give these clients the bigger shower that they dreamed of rather than sticking with the same footprint and not dealing with the old pipes. Though making the shower larger did unveil some additional problems, it was worth it for their peace of mind!

Learning Opportunity

Bathroom Remodeling Best Practices

Our contractors were prepared for this project knowing the unknowns that old houses can bring during a remodel. As prepared as they were, there was no way of knowing what would be found once the demo begins. In this home's case, old cast iron plumbing pipes were found. Luckily, our experienced team was able to handle this with ease, but make sure to keep unknowns like this in mind for your remodel! Peter, BlueWing Homes project manager, and CEO state that when working with an older home, there will always be some unforeseen issue that arises. In order to combat this, Peter advises anyone seeking a home remodel to have a budget that includes variables like this scenario with the pipes. You never know what you might find, so make sure you always have money set aside for those unknowns!

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